A School Van for St. Catherine of Siena Nursery School

There will soon be some happy children when the St. Catherine's bus comes to pick them up!  The 2016 fundraising efforts allowed Fr. James to purchase a school van.  The students will now arrive safely and on time.  For some, this will be their first experience riding in a car.  Kudos to Salesianum High School's Freshman boys for kicking off the fundraising for this van and to all who contributed.  The van will not only allow children a ride to school and back, but will give someone employment.  The process of recruiting a driver has begun and the light is shining in the village of Olwiyo.  

Love is in the air!

February has always been know as the month of Love, and it has certainly been felt by the people in Uganda.   "Give It Up For Gulu" started February 2012, this month marks the 5th year of our campaign.  5 major projects have been accomplished because of the individuals who have shown Love through donations, time and prayer.  Your Love was given and received by many children and families living in the village of Olwiyo.  Thank you for putting a smile on someone's face and filling their heart with the Love of Christ!   'Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.'  (Matthew 22:35-40)

Five major accomplishments:

#1 St. Catherine of Siena Nursery School

#2 Child Sponsorship Program

#3 Empowering Women

#4 St. Catherine of Siena Empowerment Piggery

#5 St. Catherine's School Van

Fr. James Okello is in the process of purchasing the van for the school.  We will update when photos become available.  

Back Pack Project Complete!

Last September, at the Gulu 5K, we requested donations for school supplies and drawstring back packs for St. Catherine's Nursery School.  The donations were overwhelming!  On January 19th, three barrels filled with over 100 back packs and a variety of school supplies were taken to the sea port in Newark, New Jersey.  The children and teachers will be so excited when they receive these gifts.  It's not only the items that will make them happy, but knowing so many people care about them!  Soon, the barrels will take their three month journey across the Atlantic to the remote village of Olwiyo.  

We were also gifted with four wheel chairs, Fr. James Okello will see that they find their way to those in most need.  Kudos to all!

May God Bless You real good!!!

A Joyful Time!

Christmas is a time to be filled with the Joy of Jesus' birth!  This month has been filled with JOY as the Third Graduating Class of St. Catherine of Siena Nursery School gathered on December 7th to celebrate their accomplishments and move on to primary education.  Joy was felt not only by the students, their families, teachers and Director Fr. James Okello, but by the sponsors who made education possible for some of the students.  The sponsors received their child's report card, just in time for Christmas!  500 pairs of shoes which were donated by so many caring individuals also arrived this month, and made wonderful Christmas presents to many.  Everyone is  so grateful for the love shown to them, Merry Christmas from Anaka!!!